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We are a full-service website solutions company, specializing in simple, direct and intuitive websites.

A bit about us:

Years of experience have produced a deep appreciation and affirmation that website development is far more than graphic design and content. An effective web designer must also be an accomplished translator of internet complexity for widely varied clients. There are several key ingredients we bring to each project to ensure success:

Careful listening

An effective site begins with good communication with the client. We strive to thoroughly understand your needs, taking the time to answer all questions about the technology and process of building a truly great site.

Attention to detail

Your customers are quick to form judgement - like the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. A site which is confusing, awkward, or lacking in visual appeal - or even sporting a few spelling errors - will work against you. An unprofessional site may suggest that your organization is unprofessional. We take pride in careful design that enhances brand and presence.

Commitment to your budget and needs

A site can be a simple web presence—virtual signage to be found by passing surfers—or a site can provide a full interactive experience. We believe the site should fit your needs, and we will work meet your project on time and on budget.

Access to a network of skilled professionals

Site development can grow and evolve to require the skills of many hands; we are privileged to be part of a network of specialized professionals. If needed, we will connect and coordinate with skilled individuals to deliver the solutions you require.

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What we offer:

Providing a high level of service and personal attention, we are exceptionally inventive at developing unique and suitable web presences.

What we're proud of:

  • our hand-crafted websites which effectively communicate your message, are suitable for your audience, and therefore beneficial to your business
  • our solutions utilize best practices, appropriate technologies and comply with standards
  • our eye for detail and natural resourcefulness
  • our excellent client rapport that imparts peace of mind

We've worked with a variety of clients, including Ontario Government ministries, academics, corporations, small businesses and sole proprietorships.

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Thinkpuppet Solutions is located in the beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We can be reached via email at: info (at)

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